Dear friend, welcome to my website.

My aim is to make this blog an ongoing record of my experiences and observations, in the hope that I might both aid and record my own personal growth and development and encourage and inspire anyone who happens to read what I’ve written.

Gradually I’ll aim to fill in some back story – it’s one way to write an autobiography as you go along I guess.  Could be a long read from start to finish, depending on how long I live!

I deliberately wanted to start this before I, or anyone else, would describe me as being what the world likes to call ‘successful’.  I want people to read about something I’ve done and say “well if he could do that, so can I”.

You see, many self-help ‘gurus’ and personal development trainers out there at the moment, who are telling us how we can be like them, have already ‘made it’ in the eyes of their audience.  On the one hand, that gives them credibility; on the other, it stops people like me, who feel a million miles away from attaining the same degree of success, influence and celebrity (and may not even want to) from being able to relate to them.  We just end up saying to ourselves things like “Well it’s OK for you to say those things – you’ve got the perfect life already”, or “I could never be like you or do what you did to get there”.

That’s not to say we can’t learn from these people – we absolutely can; but we can’t just simply rely on them, or their wisdom, to make us change.  Change can only come when we, as individuals, are able to trip that self-belief switch we all have in our heads and keep it switched on for long enough to take the action required, and to keep going through the tough times, until we succeed.

So let me reassure you right now that I’m not what I, or most other people, would call successful – yet; and I certainly would never pretend to have all the answers myself.  I believe that everybody’s personal wisdom is a combination of lessons learned through other people and through their own personal experience.  That’s why, across my various websites, I intend to share not only my own content, but also links to other stuff that I’ve found practical, inspirational, or just plain amazing or funny.

Why else am I doing this?  Well firstly, I want to record my own journey towards success in all areas of my life.  Secondly, if people who have been through some of the struggles I admit to facing are generous enough to share their experiences with me, I believe I will grow as a result.  Thirdly, I believe there is a psychological ‘tipping point’ – a switch that is made in the head – which has occurred in every achiever who has ever lived.  I want to be able to look back on this site and identify the moment when that happened for me.

My aim is to enjoy ‘fullness of life’ along the way – to relish in the journey and not miss out on the daily joys of life by just focusing on where I want to get to or the type of person I want to become. To help me, I have invented my own S.I.M.P.L.E. philosophy in an attempt to keep growing in all of the key areas of my life and I’m sharing it with you, via my positive club website, in case you find it helpful to use yourself.  The tabs on this site will explain in more detail what each letter stands for, what my philosophy for it is and how I think I’m doing in that area of my life, which I intend to update monthly.

Finally, before you explore the rest of this site, I want you to know that I have tremendous respect for you as a fellow human being.  Whether your thoughts, beliefs or experiences are similar or wildly different from mine, we are all sharing this roller coaster called life.  I value your opinion, whatever it may be, so please feel free to comment with your own philosophies and progress.

In the meantime, I hope the information I provide, here and elsewhere, will help you on your own journey of personal discovery.

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